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Hyderabad Alumni Association
of JNTU College of Engineering, Kakinada
(Regn. No. 1209/2006)

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12th AGM &
Annual Alumni Meet - 2017

JNTU, Kukatpally

The Annual Get Together cum 12th Annual General Body meeting of the Association was held on 5 November, 2017 at the UGC Auditorium of JNTU Hyderabad from 0900 to 1630 Hrs.

Overall, 160 members of the Alma mater attended the meet and with their families the strength of the participants are about 240. The 12 of alumni registered during the meet as Life Members. And the 3 of alumni registered during the meet as Patrons. Now the effective strength of Life Members is 291. And now the strength of Patrons is 83.

Group Photos:

The group photos were facilitated by the Association.

General Body Meeting:

The General Body meeting commenced at 1030 hrs with the Opening Prayer.

Sri CK Murty, President of the Association welcomed the members of the General Body. He informed that during this year 8 new Patrons and 14 new Life Members joined the Association. He would soon be demitting the chair and a new Executive Committee would be elected. This was followed by the presentation of the Annual report by Sri JVL Narayana, Secretary of the Association. At the end, Sri K. Vithal Murty, Treasurer presented the Annual Accounts and the Audit report for the information of the General Body.The Treasurer Report was approved unanimously the members present. And it was decided to continue the M/s. KCMS & Associates (Sri L. Murali Mohan Reddy at Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad) as Auditors for 2018 & 2019.

The Election of New Executive Committee for 2018 & 2019 was held. Col. PV Ramana Rao (Retd.) was elected as the President of the Association for 2018 & 2019 and he was authorized to select other Executive Members by the members present in the AGM.

Annual Alumni Meet

The Annual meet commenced with Jyothiprajvalanam


The Meet started with Jyothi Prajvalanam at 11:30 AM by President of the Association Sri CK Murty and the Senior Most Alumni 1950 Batch Members.

Cultural Programme:

The Special Classical Dance Programme was performed by Ms. Shalini Patha (Niece of Sri GS Rama Rao, EC Member) for the following lyrical renditions: 1. Ekadantaya Vakratundaya, Gouri Tanaya Dheemahi, 2. Adigo Alladigo and 3.Endaro Mahanu Bhavulu.


The Felicitation to the Alumni Achievers 2017, Sri B. Satyam [1986, ECE] by Sri D. Giridhar -Chairman, KEATS and Sri P. Ravi Prasad [1986, ECE] by Sri PV Rao - Vice-chairman, KEATS in the presence of Sri CK Murty, President of the Association. The Achievements of Sri B. Satyam and Sri P. Ravi Prasad was told by Sri Srinivas [1986, ECE].

The Danseuse Ms. Shalini Patha was felicitated by Sri CK Murty, the President with a shawl.

Mementos to Jubilee Alumni:

The Diamond Jubilee Mementos were presented to the Alumni of 1957 Batch by the President Sri CK Murty, the Golden Jubilee Mementos were presented to the Alumni of 1967 Batch by the Vice President Sri KV Varma and the Silver Jubilee Mementos to the Alumni of 1992 Batch by the Vice President Col. PV Ramana Rao.

Group Photos:

The group photos of present Executive Committee, new Executive Committee, the Patrons, Life Members of the Association and the Group Photo of all the alumni present in the Meet were taken.

Presentations by Alumni:

A inspiring and motivating presentation on “Services to the society by the KEATS” by Sri D. Giridhar and Sri PV Rao.

Special Announcements:

Sri VSN Murthy, Joint Secretary made announcement of Visakha Patnam ECOSAK Meeting on 3rd December, 2017 (Sunday), and Kakinada ECOSAK Meeting on 7th January, 2018 (Sunday) and a special tour program planned to as a part of Visit to Alma mater.

Vote of Thanks:

The Vote of thanks was presented by Sri US Murthy [1983, ECE], EC Member. With the National Anthem the Annual Alumni Meet was formally concluded at 1: 15 PM.

Lunch and Informal Interactions:

The wonderful lunch was arranged for the all alumni, Spouses, Guests and children under supervision of Sri GS Rama Rao, EC Member.

Post Lunch Session

The second session was started at 2: 15 PM with the Housie Game Which was organized and conducted by Col. MSP Rao and his wife Smt. Ushasri very entertaining way. The surprise gifts were given to participants.

Participation by Alumni:

The Alumni participations started at 2:45 PM with a Song rendering made by Sri G. Venkata Rao [1969, Civil]. A speech on “the Evaluation of Exam Scripts” was given by Mandava Sivannarayana [1967, ECE]. Three Poems were rendered by Sri Kambhammettu Gopalakrishna [1970, Electrical]. A brief note of Mentorship Program by the Association was given by Sri CSS Gupta, Joint Secretary.

Cultural Programme:

A Wonderful Classical Dance Program by the disciples of Dr. Yashoda Тhakore was started at 3:00 PM. Ms. C. Sai Harini [Grand daughter of Sri CR Subramanyam (1968, Electrical)], Ms. Aapeksha, Ms. Siri Chandana, Ms. Shidhi, Ms. Sri Nidhi, Ms. Renuka, Ms. Aalekhya, Ms. Anushka, Ms. Ihita, Ms. Darshini and Ms. Sirisha gave the dance performances for the following lyrical renderings 1. Vighna Rajam Bhaje, 2. Padma Varnam, 3. Koluvaitiva, 4. Swara Pallavi, 5. Thillana and 6. Mandodari Shabdam. After conclusion of the dance, Sri CK Murty, the President and Sri K. Vithal Murty, the treasurer felicitated with a shawls the Performers.

Again second round of housie game was conducted and given the prizes to the winners. At 4:30 PM the Entertainment session is ended.

The Conclusion:

Sri CK Murty, President of Association pronounced the conclusion of the Annual Alumni Meet 2017. Thus the Annual Meet and AGM concluded at 1630 hrs (4:30 P.M.) on 05 November, 2017.

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