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Hyderabad Alumni Association
of JNTU College of Engineering, Kakinada
(Regn. No. 1209/2006)

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Patron Profile


Sri Vanguri Hanumantha Rao

[1969, ECE]

Senior Systems Engineer
Raytheon Intelligence & Space

Further Academic Qualifications:

MSEE from University of California, Berkeley.

Awards & Achievements:

Provided Systems Engineering and Technical Consultancy in Avionics Integration and Simulation for some highly visible Programs in the US Air Force and NASA for over 20 years - in Programs such as the International Space Station, X-33 Aerospike, X-43 ScramJet Space Vehichles and the F-35 5th Generation Fighter Aircraft and the A-10 Aircraft.


Senior Systems Engineer at Raytheon Intelligence & Space.


Provided Systems Engineering and Technical Support developing the US Army's Force 2025 Initiative, Network Transport Design, Integration and Implementation.

Designed Avionics Simulation Facilities for the International Space Station, X-33 Aeropike Advanced Technology Demonstrator - Reusable Replacement for Space Shuttle and futuristic X-43 ScramJet Space Vehicle at above Mach 10 speeds for NASA with a goal to travel from US to India in 2 hours

Avionics Consultant for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter - World's most modern 5th Generation Fighter Class Aircraft.

Wrote Avionics System Segment Specifications for the A-10 Close Air Support Aircraft.

Worked for the Univ of Southern Calif., Los Angeles, for over 13 years before changing career to NASA and the US Air Force.


Born, raised and received education in Kakinada, before moving to the USA in 1970 immediately after completion of BE at ECK. Married, two sons, eldest pursuing Ph.D in particle physics at U-Penna and CERN, Geneva, second one pursuing post graduate eduction in Neuroscience.

In specific as Alumnus:

Had the greatest pleasure during ECK with guidance from Prof. Ganti Subramaniam, Prof. N. Lakshminarayana, Prof. D. R. Rao and Dr. Madhusudan Rao and associating with the most energetic, innovative and successful classmates such a Chandra Sekhar Turaga, A.S. Rao, Dr. BNS Rao, A. Subba Raju, Dr. Pandu R. Tadikamalla, Y. Ramachandra Rao, G. Sambasiva Rao, M. Sambasiva Rao, M. Butchiraju, etc., and younger brother of a Scientist turned Entrepreneur turned Telugu Cultural and Literary Giant Dr. Chitten Raju Vanguri of '66 Batch, living in Houston, TX.

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